Are You Confused In Your Book

September 29, 2010 § 1 Comment

Everyone gets confused in a book. If you get confused in your book then you can, reread, stop and think or you can read on and see if it makes sense if you read on.

If you are confused in your book you can reread. Rereading helps you because if you are reading fast then you might miss something. It might get you off track or it might make you think that what you read has a different meaning than what the book actually said. Rereading helps because it’s like double checking to see if you missed anything.

If you are confused in your book you can read on. Reading on can help because if you read a sentience and it doesn’t make since you can read the next sentience and it might give you more information and help you figure out the previous sentience.

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All About Me Spree

September 28, 2010 § 2 Comments

This post is all about me so if you came to read about some prissy teenage drama then you came to the wrong place.

I am Sara Nichole. I am eleven years old and turning twelve November thirtieth. I have three sisters and my parents have been together for seventeen years.

My oldest sister Jesse is getting married in November. Jesse is eighteen and has a free ride to Pin State. I am so proud of my older sister and hope to be just like her. Jessee’s birthday is February 27th.

My second eldest sister is Kristen. Kristen is fifteen on October tenth. She is in ninth grade and is a straight A student. Kristen’s favorite subject is algebra. She is in algebra two and is doing great.

My youngest sister is Rachel. Rachel is ten and is very funny. Especially when she tries to get what she wants and it doesn’t work. Rachel’s birthday is August eleventh 2000.

Now you know about me and my family. Sometimes it does feel like a teenage drama but I love it.

Rachel is in the corner, Jesse has glasses, Kristen Has long dark hair and I’m on Jessee’s left.

Friday + School = My Bad Day

September 28, 2010 § 3 Comments

My Friday was terrible! It all started when I woke up with five minutes to get ready before the bus came, when I got to school I realized that I had left my home work at home! Then the most fun thing… I thought but, in physical education we were playing soccer which I absolutely despise because I suck at it and I was the goalie! I got kicked in the shin and run into. Then later that morning I accidentally hit myself in the face and one of my contacts fell out. On the bright side my kind teacher gave me until Monday to turn in my home work assignment.

That afternoon I was dirt tired and probably failed my math test because, I couldn’t think or concentrate. On the bus going home I lost my homework assignment but luckily my mom found it. When I got home I lost my contact case but I found it. The rest of my night went pretty smooth. This is why I hate Fridays!

My Inner Voice

September 22, 2010 § 2 Comments

My inner voice triggers when I’m reading a good book like the one I’m reading now called Touching Spirit Bear.

I caught my inner voice when Cole had to go to a freezing cold pond every morning and swim to get rid of his anger.

My inner voice was saying, “That is so stupid. How is that a way to get rid of anger? That’s pretty dumb.”

Now I realize that Cole is just trying to calm himself down and take everything one step at a time.

My Teacher

September 16, 2010 § 3 Comments

My teachers name is Mr.McGuire. To tell you a little about him I’ll start out with  his first impression on us sixth graders. Well he got off on a bumpy start when he came to school with his shirt on inside out… how embarrassing? Well we got a good kick out of it.  So the next day three out of four of us sixth graders wore our shirts inside out.

I think that we should just let go of  that first day but it’s just so funny. We all really like Mr.McGuire. He is one of the funniest people you could ever meet but when he wants to he can be so serous that you’d think he didn’t have a funny side.

I am enjoying this sixth grade  year and its mostly because my of my one of a kind teacher Mr.McGuire!

The Main Character

September 15, 2010 § 3 Comments

The main character in the book I’m reading called Touching Spirit Bear is as boy named Cole Mathews. Cole is a juvenile delinquent and he is always getting in trouble.

Cole’s parents are drunks and they are also abusive. Cole’s dad is always getting drunk and when he gets drunk, he gets mad at Cole and hits him for no reason. Half of the time his parents don’t even remember their own names.

Cole doesn’t like it when people stand up to him. He also doesn’t like it when people aren’t scared or him, like his social worker. Cole doesn’t like people who look down on him like his parents and the kids at school. The number one thing that Cole hates is  tattle tales because, to him tattling is a sign of weakness and cowardly

Cole doesn’t have any friends because he is so mean and everyone is afraid of him because, he has been to jail eleven times, and he has given a boy named peter a concussion. He also doesn’t have many friends because he goes to jail a lot so he doesn’t really have time to make friends. The only friends he can get are behind bars.

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Motivational Video

September 3, 2010 § Leave a comment

In Reading Workshop we watched a video on Nick Vujicici and about getting back up when you fall down.

Then just because it is hard you can’t just give up and stop trying
I agree with Lisa because if you fall down and don’t try to get back up you will just keep failing and fall down again.

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