The Main Character

September 15, 2010 § 3 Comments

The main character in the book I’m reading called Touching Spirit Bear is as boy named Cole Mathews. Cole is a juvenile delinquent and he is always getting in trouble.

Cole’s parents are drunks and they are also abusive. Cole’s dad is always getting drunk and when he gets drunk, he gets mad at Cole and hits him for no reason. Half of the time his parents don’t even remember their own names.

Cole doesn’t like it when people stand up to him. He also doesn’t like it when people aren’t scared or him, like his social worker. Cole doesn’t like people who look down on him like his parents and the kids at school. The number one thing that Cole hates is  tattle tales because, to him tattling is a sign of weakness and cowardly

Cole doesn’t have any friends because he is so mean and everyone is afraid of him because, he has been to jail eleven times, and he has given a boy named peter a concussion. He also doesn’t have many friends because he goes to jail a lot so he doesn’t really have time to make friends. The only friends he can get are behind bars.

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