All About Me Spree

September 28, 2010 § 2 Comments

This post is all about me so if you came to read about some prissy teenage drama then you came to the wrong place.

I am Sara Nichole. I am eleven years old and turning twelve November thirtieth. I have three sisters and my parents have been together for seventeen years.

My oldest sister Jesse is getting married in November. Jesse is eighteen and has a free ride to Pin State. I am so proud of my older sister and hope to be just like her. Jessee’s birthday is February 27th.

My second eldest sister is Kristen. Kristen is fifteen on October tenth. She is in ninth grade and is a straight A student. Kristen’s favorite subject is algebra. She is in algebra two and is doing great.

My youngest sister is Rachel. Rachel is ten and is very funny. Especially when she tries to get what she wants and it doesn’t work. Rachel’s birthday is August eleventh 2000.

Now you know about me and my family. Sometimes it does feel like a teenage drama but I love it.

Rachel is in the corner, Jesse has glasses, Kristen Has long dark hair and I’m on Jessee’s left.


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