Friday + School = My Bad Day

September 28, 2010 § 3 Comments

My Friday was terrible! It all started when I woke up with five minutes to get ready before the bus came, when I got to school I realized that I had left my home work at home! Then the most fun thing… I thought but, in physical education we were playing soccer which I absolutely despise because I suck at it and I was the goalie! I got kicked in the shin and run into. Then later that morning I accidentally hit myself in the face and one of my contacts fell out. On the bright side my kind teacher gave me until Monday to turn in my home work assignment.

That afternoon I was dirt tired and probably failed my math test because, I couldn’t think or concentrate. On the bus going home I lost my homework assignment but luckily my mom found it. When I got home I lost my contact case but I found it. The rest of my night went pretty smooth. This is why I hate Fridays!


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§ 3 Responses to Friday + School = My Bad Day

  • shalas2222 says:

    Sara, I know how you feel. Sometimes I have bad luck on Fridays. I thought that Fridays were suppose to be awesome days because you have two days off over the weekend, but sometimes they are not. So don’t worry your not the only one who has bad Fridays.

  • alisong22 says:

    WOW!! You had a bad day. I kind of hate Fridays too, because I don’t know it’s just I usually have a bad day or something goes wrong. But I love Friday the 13ths. Nothing bad ever happens to me on Friday the 13th.

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