Sometimes Teenagers Do Weird Things

October 26, 2010 § 1 Comment

Sometimes teenagers do some pretty weird things. If you watch this video it will drive you insane…I’m starting to question my sanity!

Yesterday my little sister showed me this video and I asked myself why people would even make videos like that.  Now I know it’s because it’s entertaining and it’s funny… So watch it and you’ll begin to question your sanity!


My Poem

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Working is not a punishment,
it’s a way of life,
You can jump in and grasp it,
Work is only hard when you make it that way, don’t complain it makes it more difficult.

Pick it up and fumble it around a bit so you can get its direction.
Follow it around like a little pet dog and play with it on your free time.

By: Me

Working With A First Grader

October 19, 2010 § Leave a comment

Today in The Reading Workshop we are going to be working with first graders by, reading them a picture  book and then they will be making connections about how the story relates to them and how they can understand the book better.

I  read to Zoe and Jada in Mr. Dropsy’s first-grade class. The book I read to Zoe and Jada is called A Bad Case Of Tattle Tongue and it’s by: Julia Cook. This book is about a little boy that tattles a lot and gets in trouble  by the teacher. He also doesn’t have any friends because he is mean.

The connections that Zoe had was,

1. In this book there is a lot of tattling and  in a book her teacher read there was a lot of yelling and tattling.

2. Another connection that Zoe had is, she has tattled before and got in trouble for it.

3. Also he had to learn rules so he doesn’t get in trouble and so does Zoe.

1. The connection that Jada had was she used to tattle a lot and always got in trouble for it.

2.Also she has stood on the wall in kindergarten and she has had people ditch her in line like Eddy did in the book.

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The Revealers

October 5, 2010 § Leave a comment

Today in The Reading Workshop I started a new book called The Revealers.

Currently Russell the boy in the book is getting bullied and has been getting hurt. Russell wont tell anyone about the bullying and I think that if it continues that he will get seriously hurt or even killed.

Also I think that the bully will stop bulling him and they will become friends because, they both don’t fit in anywhere in the school or in any cliques.

I hope that Russell will work out the problems with the bully and I hope they will become friends.

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Stranded With Santiago

October 1, 2010 § 4 Comments

The problem in the book I’m reading called  Red Midnight is that  Santiago and his little sister Angelina’s family was killed by soldiers in Central America and now they are tiring to reach North America so that they can tell people about what has happened in their country called Guatemala. They have to sail in a small boat similar to a kayak that their uncle made.  They have to run from soldiers and from many people who want to kill them like pirates.

If the problem isn’t solved then they will die. They will run out of food and water and they will die. If they die then they can not tell anyone of the problems their country is having and everyone eventually will die.

If this problem happened to me I would be so scared that I wouldn’t know what to do. I think that I would probably try to go to the nearest shore possible and stay there and not even bother to go to Florida.

I hope that they will reach their destination and I hope they will survive on their dangerous and incredible journey. That would be sad if a twelve-year-old boy and a four-year old girl died while sailing out in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean because they ran out of food and water.I hope that they will live and that they reach the United States of America.We people that live in the United States don’t realize how lucky they are.

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