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In Reading Workshop we had to answer the following question, what kind of a partner are you?  Describe yourself based on your partner. This is the kind of partner I think I am.

I think I could say that I’m a little bossy when it comes to partnership. I think that because I always take charge and tell my partner how it’s done or how it goes. But it’s not in a mean way. I do it in a way that everyone in the group or my partner still has a chance to say what he/she whats to say to make their point. I think I am a good partner when it comes to me having to partner up with someone.

Sometimes when my partner goofs off I have to set them straight and tell them how it goes and tell them that they need to straighten up.



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My family and I were watching the show It only Hurts When I laugh and we saw something we couldn’t believe.  A guy was wrestling a bull and when the bull came charging its horn went through the guy’s chin and out his mouth. Talk about pain! The only thing that I was thinkng was Ouch! Comment about what you think.

10 Little Piggies

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10 little piggies jumping up and down,

One fell and broke his crown,

Nine little piggies running through the woods,

One saw people with dark hoods,

Eight little piggies siting by the fire,

One got pushed in because he was a lire,

Seven little piggies rolling in the mud,

One sank and yelled crud,

Six little piggies reading a book,

One got caught by the cook,

Five little piggies at grandmas house,

One got eaten by a mouse,

Four little piggies feeling so fine,

One was left and made into pig wine,

Three little piggies eating slop,

The butcher came and piggie’s head went flop,

Two little piggies eating lunch,

A big fat cow sat down and piggies went crunch,

One little piglit all alone,

Fell on concrete and broke a bone,

All little piggies meet in heaven,

But one is left because there was eleven!

This poem is by me!

Letter To Mr. McGuire

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In the Reading Workshop the sixth graders did an assignment where we had to write a letter to him about our books. I wrote about the book Zach’s Lie. I hope you like my letter!

Dear Mr. McGuire,

I would recommend the book I’m reading Zach’s Lie by Ronald Smith to everyone in sixth grade. I noticed that this book was one of your favorites so I decided to try it out and this is my first impression, so far this book is getting off to a great start and I think I’m getting hooked. I’ve never read anything like this book. I think that Zach would have to be  my favorite character because, he’s kind of shy and at the same time kind of secretive and clumsy.

I also think that I know why you like this book. I think it’s because this book is full of action and you never know whats going to happen next. I think this book is one of my favorites too because, it’s unique in it’s own way. Especially when Zach has to move to a whole different place with a new name and a new identity.

I really like the part in the book where Zach has to get his hair dyed and he is throwing a fit because he thinks he will look like an albino with his hair blond. I’m surprised that he let them give him blue eyes, but in the end he keeps his brown hair and just gets his hair cut. I also like the part when the book talks about how he is mad because his sister got to pick her name and he didn’t. I think he was kind of jealous.

I really like this book and I’m glad you have it up on the wall so people can read some really good books. I also have a goal to read all of your favorite books up on the wall before the end of the year. So far I’ve read seven of them and I hope to read The Face On The Milk Carton next. I’ve heard it’s good.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this letter and I am also grateful that you recommended this book to people by putting it up on your wall. Thank you so much for the recommendation. I really like the book!

Sincerely your student,


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Old Romans, Ancient Greeks

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Old Romans, Ancient Greeks

Old Romans, Ancient Greeks,

carved for long periods often weeks,

Working hard on their own,

Carving fast on chunks of stone.

Just think about all the yelling

if an ancient Greek screwed-up her spelling.

The others I’m sure, would tees her,

I’m just happy I have an eraser!

This poem was inspired by the poem Ancient Romans, AncientGreeks by Kenn Nesbitt.

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