How I am Like Sam an How Im Not Like Sam

December 1, 2010 § Leave a comment

I am reading the book Watchers Lab 6. In this book the main character is Sam. Sam’s parents work for the government and he is getting suspicious about their work. Sam is beginning to think that his parents are  involved in a murder or maybe the complete opposite, maybe they are trying to create an artificial human with unbelievable intelligence.

Sam is like me in many ways, we both are always curious about things, we are both around the same age (13), also Sam and I are both very caring. Sam was caring when, Jamie was being mean and he still cut her some slack and let her calm down and Sam was curious when he started going through his parents files on the computer.

Sam and I are also different in many ways, Sam gets bullied, Sam is shy in some ways and we are also different because Sam is very clumsy. Sam is clumsy when he is walking into his parents office and he hits his head on a low bar, Sam gets bullied when Bart gets mad and then he slams him on the ground and punches him, and Sam is shy in some ways  because, sometimes when people ask him questions he gets embarrassed(like when his mom thought he and Jamie were at the house on a date and she asked him, ‘So is that your girlfriend?’ Sam got pink and didn’t answer).

I think I am more different than Sam than I am  like him. I think this because, Sam is a little more shy than me, Sam is not talkative , he doesn’t like to talk to his parents and he is a little too curious.


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