Manners Matter

December 1, 2010 § Leave a comment

In Reading Workshop we are doing an assignment on manners. The students of Reading Workshop are supposed to use the best manners that they can. Then we have to write about what we saw and what we think about students using manners. Here’s what I think.

I think that students using manners for an assignment will rub off and maybe stick with the students to the point that they will be using good manners even when it’s not an assignment. I think Mr. McGuire is doing all of us a favor with the manners assignment and I think more teachers should do this assignment.

I think that using manners has a good effect on kids. I think they have a good effect on students because it makes them more polite, and more respected by adults and all of the other people around them. I think manners have a good effect also because maybe they will rub off and stick with the kids forever.

I think that people who don’t use manners are disrespectful and a bad role model.  I think this because if you say something mean and don’t say sorry it makes  you look like the bad person. I think that when people don’t use manners they are being a bad role model for children and even hurting themselves by not using correct manners.

Manners are important because, a lot of times we judge people by the way we act and if people don’t use manners everyone will think that that person is a nasty person and they wont want anyone around them.  Manners matter and if you want to get any where in life you will have to learn how to use them.

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