Hate List

February 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

I am reading the book Hate List by Jennifer Brown. This book is the best book on earth. If you’ve not read it well I’ll just say you’re missing out!

Hat List is about a girl named Valerie and her boyfriend Nick. Val and Nick get bullied a lot at school so they decide to come up with a list of all the people that they hate.(Hate List) So one day Nick, Val’s boy friend goes crazy and brings a gun to school! The next thing that Val knows is that a bully named Cristy is laying on the floor with blood coming out of her stomach!!!

Now everyone says that Va told Nick to shoot everyone on the list….but the thing is that Val got shot too! What happened was Val was trying to stop Nick from shooting another bully named Jessica when she tripped and got shot in the thigh. Then Nick thought that he killed Val so He shot himself!!! Tragic I know. If you want to see how the book ends then you will have to read it… you won’t be wasting your time. Trust me.


image from, http://www.jenniferbrownya.com/HateList_PB.jpg


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