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Perfect is a very strong word. You can get a perfect Math test or maybe a perfect writing grade but is anyone really perfect? I am not sure if anyone on earth is actually perfect.

To be truly perfect you would have to have the perfect eyesight, 100% in every class, home-runs every time your up to bat, perfect posture, and perfect hygiene.

There’s more to being perfect than you think there is and perfection is imposable to achieve. I think that if anyone thinks that their perfect then they should think again. You should never want to be anything but what you are. Just look at me I’ve had some times when I thought that I was perfect, but then I realised that I was living in a fantasy world.

Yeah I have good grades and I am good at some things but I’m not perfect nobody is. I think that perfect means that you do everything humanly possible and get good scores on all of it.


Freak The Mighty

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In the reading workshop we are reading the book Freak The Mighty by Rodman Philbrick.

I think that Max (the main character will) end up liking his dad because, his dad swore on the bible that he didn’t kill Max’s mom. I also think this because his dad said to him that no son of his is a retard, when everyone at school and his grandparents call him retarded.

I think that Max’s grandparents are going to be scared to death when they find out Max is gone. I think that they will call the police and his dad will get arrested for kidnapping him.

I think that Max will remember what really happened the night his mom died. I think that Iggy or Loretta actually killed Max’s mom because they act so weird around Max and Killer Kane. (Max’s Dad.)

I think that Kevin will try to find Max and will get in trouble doing so. I think that Kevin will realize that Max is gone and go on a quest all by himself and something really bad is going to happen. I think that he might get killed or beat up really bad and have to go to the hospital.

I also think that Max has a lot of black outs and does things that he cant control. Like the time when he was in the principals office and he saw the nurse crying and he blacked out and he thinks that he hit her.

Among The Hidden

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I am reading the book Among The Hidden by Margaret Peterson Haddix. I think that when people are reading this book they will have a lot of predictions, because when I read it the first time. I know I did.

I think that while people are reading this book they will be thinking that the population police are going to catch Luke and kill him. I think this because, there are always close calls in the book when Luke almost gets caught.

I also think that while people are reading this book that they will be wondering why people aren’t allowed to have more thanĀ  two children. I think that people will be thinkin this because I was thinking this the first time I read this book.

I think that this book kind of leaves you hanging when it comes to having to make predictions because there is so much action that you have so many predictions, so you don’t know if your prediction is going to be right or not.

I think also when people read this book that their thinking about Luke’s brothers Mark and Mathew and what they think of Luke. I think that Mathew and Mark feel sorry for him because, he is always locked upstairs and he isn’t allowed outside.

I really like this book and I think that anyone who hasn’t read it should.


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I think that predictions help the reader understand the book better. I think this because, if you areĀ  not predicting while you read, it won’t keep you interested in the book. It will also make you stay on track and not get off topic.

I also think that when you read you should be thinking about the book and not about anything else.

You should put yourself in the characters situation and then you should try to predict what is going to happen next.

After you put yourself in the characters situation and predict what’s going to happen next you should read on and see if your prediction is right or wrong.

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