After I’m Gone

April 29, 2011 § Leave a comment

After I’m gone I want people to know my name. I want them to know that I did something great in my life and theirs. I want them to say that a small town girl made a big difference.

I think that life is for us to use how we want without regret and without doubt. We need to live our lives to the fullest and never look back because once you die and leave this world you ain’t coming back.

I’ve been down the wrong path too many times and I don’t want to look back. I want to learn from my mistakes and help others learn from theirs.But you can’t learn from mistakes if you never have the chance to make them.

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When The Whole Worlds Against You

April 27, 2011 § 1 Comment

When everything in your life is wrong, when you are trying to stand but people keep pushing harder every time you try, when you are to the point that you can’t stand yourself and you wonder what you are doing wrong,  when the whole world is against you, you have to believe. Trust that you can do it, make yourself believe that there’s hope, and try harder when they push harder because it all pays off in the end.

Two years ago before my grandma died she said these same words to me. She said that she has had a hard life and she doesn’t want me to think that life is going to be easy because its not, she told me to have hope and believe. I was young when she told me this and I didn’t understand her words. But now right here sitting in this dark classroom I realise that she was right.

After my grandma passed we were all sad. Especially my dad. Dad got mean and things got worse but grandmas words stayed in my head. I used to have dreams that she would come back but they never came true. I dreamt that things would get better if I was good and never bad and I used to think that one day she would come walking in my front door. It never happened and it never will.

I remember when I was little and my grandma told me stories of how life used to be 50 years ago and she would talk about how gas prices were a dollar a gallon and they thought that was expensive. She talked about war and fighting she also talked about how she hopes things will get easier.

She spoke of when she was a nurse in the Vietnam war and that was how she met my grandfather. She said that he had gotten shot in the leg and  he was brought to her tent and as soon as she got the alcohol on his leg and the bullet pulled out he got his leg wrapped and he went on the chopper and flew back to the fight. She knew nothing about the man she had helped but she did know that  she loved him.

My grandma told me this story a million times and to this day I still believe every word.

I miss my grandma a lot and I hope one day I’ll get to go and see her up in heaven where we can be happy together and live through all eternity. My grandma was a good person who spoke the truth, trusted in god and was very helpful at times. I am happy I can say that I am related to her.

Taking Tests

April 19, 2011 § 2 Comments

I think that the basic test taking skills are, restate the question, answer completely, answer what the question is asking, use details from the passage, no one word responses, correct spelling, and most importantly you have to try your best.

For me tests are really stressing and nerve wrecking because I always want to get a really good grade and I never want to be disappointed. I think that there a lot of people like that who always want to get good scores and a good grade because if you don’t then you feel like you can’t do it and you feel like you aren’t good enough.

I use all of these skills because I want to be successful and i want to be able to say that i passed the test. I really think that people should feel the same way because if you get a good grade then you can have something to be proud of and you can say,”I did it!”

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April 18, 2011 § 1 Comment

I think that is a test grader is having a bad day then they will not give a good grade to the person that took the test. I think that if I was having a bad day and I had to grade 100 or more papers in two hours or however long that I had to work then I would not give the person a good grade because I’m tired stressed and I wan’ to go home. So tough luck Billy-Bob or Sue or anyone’s test I’m gradin’ because I’m not givin’ credit for some little response even if you did get two out of four points I’m givin’ you a one.

I think that if you don’t get the answer right out of the passage then you aren’t going to get a good score and you aren’t going to be happy. So if I was you I would try my hardest and get all of my answers out of the passage. So try hard and do your best and Martha wont give you a bad grade because you have what the rubric has.

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