April 18, 2011 § 1 Comment

I think that is a test grader is having a bad day then they will not give a good grade to the person that took the test. I think that if I was having a bad day and I had to grade 100 or more papers in two hours or however long that I had to work then I would not give the person a good grade because I’m tired stressed and I wan’ to go home. So tough luck Billy-Bob or Sue or anyone’s test I’m gradin’ because I’m not givin’ credit for some little response even if you did get two out of four points I’m givin’ you a one.

I think that if you don’t get the answer right out of the passage then you aren’t going to get a good score and you aren’t going to be happy. So if I was you I would try my hardest and get all of my answers out of the passage. So try hard and do your best and Martha wont give you a bad grade because you have what the rubric has.


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