Camp Oty Okwa

May 12, 2011 § 2 Comments

This year at sixth grade camp we went to Camp Oty Okwa. I saw a huge change in some people in my group. The people in my group were Vince, Dustin, Danny, Heath, Nick, Caitlin, Brook, and Heidi.

At the beginning of camp everyone was afraid to volunteer for things and they were afraid to step up to the plate and help out. We were afraid that we wouldn’t know how to do something and we were also afraid that we would get made fun of. Also at the beginning we weren’t all friends and we weren’t very open with each other.

That night at dinner people were getting more warmed up to the teachers and started talking more. One thing that really stood out was that at lunch people didn’t really use manners and then at dinner people were so polite and nice.

The next day at breakfast we were all talking and having a good time. I think that we really started to warm up to each other then. At first I was only hanging out with the people that I hang out with at school and then I realise that I should be including every one in my group so then I started to talk to everyone.

I think that at the rock climb after lunch in the second day is when everyone really realized that we  could all be friends and trust each other. Not everyone in my group made it all the way up the rock but at least every one tried.

At initiatives we had to work together to solve a puzzle and we finally after one million times got it right. Then we had to pick a partner and we had one person blind-folded and the other person wasn’t allowed to touch them and they had to guide the person with their words. Then the blind-folded person had to throw a cloth ball and try to hit another blind-folded person. After a blind-folded person got hit three times they were out.

After initiatives we had the wall climb. Heath was the first one to go up the wall. I made it up two times and so did many other people. I think that every one did a great job and tried their hardest. Everyone made it at least two rock grips high and did their best.

After that was dinner and we had chicken. It was good. That was the point that I realized that everyone was going to get along and everyone will be fine. From that point on we were all good friends and we truly had changed.


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